Advanced English Module B

 Module B: Critical Study of Texts

 Hamlet: How to Write a Band 6 Thesis Statement/Hamlet Sample Essay Introduction


The introduction to your essay is the first impression the marker will get of your work, and one of the things markers are most concerned with is whether you have addressed the question properly. Insight, minimal waffle, and clarity are the three golden rules of addressing an HSC exam question in band 6 form…CONTINUE READING>



Hamlet: Lights, lights, lights! The Mousetrap Play Annotated

One of the most important scenes in the play, the Mousetrap Play or The Murder of Gonzago represents a turning point in Hamlet. The play’s outcome precipitates the series of events which roll head on to the play’s tragic conclusion. Read the scene here with explanations of references to the Bible, and to Greek and Roman mythology. 


Hamlet Analysis: Horatio’s role in the play

Horatio appears as though he is a minor character but Hamlet’s old school friend from Wittenberg plays a much more significant role than it first appears. Throughout the play, Horatio acts as Hamlet’s witness, judge, and speaker. CONTINUE READING>



Preliminary HSC Othello Analysis: “Give me the Ocular Proof”

When Othello says “give me the ocular proof” to Iago in act 3 scene 3, he is demanding physical, concrete evidence of Desdemona’s betrayal that is observable with his own eyes. But as we know, he walks away satisfied with something much less. That something is mere hearsay of Cassio wiping his beard with Desdemona’s handkerchief, and a story Iago invents of Cassio murmuring about Desdemona in the night. CONTINUE READING>

To Memorise, or not to Memorise? Exam Strategies for HSC Advanced English

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