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HSC Advanced English Module C

Representing People & Politics | Representing People & Landscapes

Related Texts for Module C HSC: Judith Wright, Heart of Darkness, and A Bend in the River.


Two major interrelated themes arise from the rubric for this text:

  • Experiences of landscape are often historical: the African people’s relationship to their land is shaped by both imagined and remembered experiences of both African and European groups who occupied the land in the past.
  • Representations of this experience can be intertextual – that is, they are inspired by, or endeavouring to challenge or revise representations of a particular physical environment in another text….CONTINUE READING>

The Art of Travel HSC Analysis – Thinking in Transit


With the key requirement of the HSC Module C rubric in mind – that we think about the interplay between people and landscape when reading de Botton’s book – let’s take a look at the extract from the second chapter, On Travelling PlacesCONTINUE READING>

Related Texts for HSC Module C: The Art of Travel


When analysing related texts, the first thing you should do is to round up the key themes of your prescribed text. Suppose your prescribed text for Module C is Alain de Botton’s The Art of Travel and you see three key ideas in the text…. CONTINUE READING>


Art of Travel HSC Analysis: Thinking in Transit


The theme of this second section in the chapter On Travelling Places is solitude within spaces of transit, and de Botton is interested most in the solidarity that strangers feel in their solitude, and those places where familiar urban landscapes taper into the mysterious and unknown. CONTINUE READING> 


Related Texts for HSC: A Quick Guide to Analysing Poetry: finding the main idea of a poem


Knowing how to find the main idea of a poem is extremely useful when we’re asked to analyse an unseen poem for the Area of Study Discovery exam, or find a related text for Module C…. CONTINUE READING>

To Memorise, or not to Memorise? Exam Strategies for HSC Advanced English

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