Private HSC English Tutor Sydney: Ben Hilton

Ben Hilton | Junior and Senior English Tutor| Private HSC English Tutors Sydney

Ben joins the team at Sleight of Pen Sydney as a private English tutor and published writer trained at the University of Technology, Sydney and the University of Newcastle. He is currently completing a Masters of Teaching at the University of Sydney and also works as a tutor with the UTS HELPS program that specialises in teaching university students the fundamentals of essay writing.


You can read Ben’s most recent publication in the UTS Writers Anthology, Seeds and Skeletons.


Ben’s experience:

  • Masters of Teaching (University of Sydney)
  • Masters of Arts in Writing (UTS)
  • Bachelor of Arts in English with Honours (University of Newcastle)
  • A published author of both fiction and non-fiction. His work has appeared in Flash Fiction, Andromeda Spaceways, and Antipodean SF.

The HSC places heavy demands on students in terms of creative expression, with creative narrative assessments embedded throughout the year, and in the final HSC exams for both Advanced English (Area of Study: Discovery), English Extension 1, and English Extension 2.

Creative writing strategies however, are rarely taught in class – instead, students are expected to already have them. But creative writing is a learned skill, and detailed, personalised feedback is absolutely critical in showing students where they went wrong and how they can improve.

As a private English tutor drawing on extensive experience as a creative writer, Ben can teach you the essential elements of character and plot development, of voice, language style, form and technique, as well as ways to shape your narrative according to the concept of the Area of Study: Discovery rubric. Having completed a degree in English literary studies with Honours, and taught at UTS-run essay writing programs, Ben can also train you in building and refining your critical analysis ability and written expression skills.

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