3 ways that Trump’s America resembles Orwell’s dystopian satire, 1984.

The rise of Donald Trump bears eerie similarities with George Orwell’s dystopian satire, 1984. Both during and after the election, we have witnessed authoritarian impulses we thought were long buried – or simply facts that belong to fiction. Orwell’s 1984, published in 1949 after the Fascism of Nazi Germany, and during Stalin’s Soviet Union remains as relevant as ever in showing us how unapologetic ignorance, deceit, and fear-mongering work to undermine democracy. Sleight of Pen’s English Tutor William Tandany outlines the key parallels between Trump’s America and Orwell’s dystopian satire.

The Historical Context of Orwell’s 1984: Stalin’s Purges

There are clear parallels between Orwell’s historical context and his novel, 1984. One of these parallels is the Russian Revolution and its aftermath – Joseph Stalin’s takeover of the Communist Party, and his bloody purges of both officials and civilians. After Lenin, the leader of the Communist Party which assumed control of Russia shortly after…