Private English Tutors Sydney- Katie Jones

Katie Jones | Junior and Senior English Tutor | Private English Tutor HSC Sydney

Katie Jones, who topped the state in English in 2016, has just come on board as a private English tutor for Sleight of Pen.


Late in 2016, Katie received an award from the NSW Premier for all-round excellent in the HSC.

Katie came first in NSW for English Extension 1 in 2016, and is studying Law/International Studies at the University of Sydney. You can read about her achievements on the Board of Studies website, as well as on local news publications:

Board of Studies First in State List

“Katie top of state in English” (Tweed Daily News)

“Northern Rivers students hard work pays off” (The Northern Star)

Katie’s other achievements include:

  • 97/100 in HSC Advanced English
  • Dux of Mount St Patrick College
  • Premier’s Award for All Round Excellence
  • Excellence Scholarship to Bond University

Having been a debater for several years, she is great at conveying complex concepts and large volumes of information clearly and concisely – a highly valuable trait to have as a tutor. A constant learner with a curiousity for the diverse cultures of the world, Katie has just returned from a trip to Europe, and plans on doing a lot more travelling during and after her studies at university.

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