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HSC Area of Study: Discovery

  • Belonging (Preliminary HSC)

Analysing the Tempest for Discovery


Related Texts for Discovery (HSC Area of Study): 3 Films


If you’re looking for a good related text for HSC Advanced English Discovery, the three films below are worth checking out. As you’ve been asked to choose related material of a different medium so that you can compare and contrast techniques, these films would work particularly well if you are doing The Tempest, Away, Wrack, or The Awakening, as your prescribed text….CONTINUE READING>

AOS ‘Discovery’ Creative Writing Ideas


HSC creative writing. How to tame this strange beast?

Even if you enjoy creative writing, it can be hard to shoehorn your ideas into restrictive frameworks like an 800 word short story about discovery. Preparing a loose framework for your story before exam is unavoidable, and one of the best ways to spark ideas is by using visual stimuli…CONTINUE READING> 


Paul Strand

HSC Area of Study: Analysing Visual Texts

If you’re doing Belonging as your Area of Study in the preliminary HSC year, check out the tips and examples on approaching the unseen texts section below. The advice is of course applicable to unseen texts for Discovery too.

We’ll start with the visual text of Paper 1. The visual is usually the first text that appears in the section. CONTINUE READING>



A Quick Guide to Analysing Poetry: finding the main idea of a poem

Knowing how to find the main idea of a poem is extremely useful when we’re asked to analyse an unseen poem for the Area of Study Discovery exam, or find a related text for Module C. CONTINUE READING> 

american beauty film analysis

Related Texts for HSC Discovery and Belonging: Sam Mendes’ American Beauty. An analysis of its key symbols.

When we delve into the meaning of the film’s rose petal motif, and the plastic bag in Ricky’s film, we gain compelling insights to the formation of an individual’s identity, and how value systems are challenged through interpersonal discovery. CONTINUE READING >

To Memorise, or not to Memorise? Exam Strategies for HSC Advanced English

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