Pricing & location for private english tutoring at Sleight of Pen

Location is flexible with private English tutoring, as our tutors are based in a range of areas around Sydney, including inner-west, west, north-west, and inner-city Sydney.

Most of our private, 1-1 sessions are held at a public library in the areas of Sydney listed above, and home visits can be arranged depending on which English tutor you choose.

All sessions with Rebecca are held at The Study in Summer Hill in the inner-west of Sydney, a space specially designed for us to workshop essays and discuss your texts.

Private English Tutoring in Sydney's Inner-West

The Study in Summer Hill, Inner-West Sydney

Preferred locations with other English tutors on our team are listed below:

  • Yuanze: Central Sydney, Western Sydney and Inner-City Sydney (Camperdown and the University of Sydney)
  • Will: Central Sydney, Western Sydney and Inner-West Sydney
  • Katie: Central Sydney, Inner-City Sydney (Camperdown and the University of Sydney), Inner-West Sydney
  • Ben: Flexible
  • Sophie: North-west Sydney, Central Sydney, Inner-City Sydney (Camperdown and the University of Sydney)

Private one-to-one sessions with our English tutors are held for students from years 7-10, preliminary HSC, and HSC. Small group sessions of no more than 2 students can be arranged if you have a friend who is studying the same texts, and needs assistance in similar areas of the subject. We would not recommend small group tutoring if you are approaching your HSC.

Best Private English Tutors in SydneyAustralian Business Number (ABN): 955 434 926 85

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As we are a small team of English tutors who often get more requests than we have time for, it is not always possible to accommodate you immediately. You can ask to be placed on a waiting list, with the possibility of having online sessions while you wait. We will let you know as soon as an English tutor who meets your preferences becomes available. Click here for more information on waiting lists and online sessions.

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