Private English Tutoring with William

William Tandany| Junior & Senior English Tutor(Private HSC English Tutor Sydney)

High band 6 marks for HSC History and English are just some of the assets Will brings to his role as a private English tutor for Sleight of Pen. As a tutor, Will can show you the fastest way across the theoretical complexities of Modules A and C, as well as Extension English. You will gain a host of ideas from working with Will, as well as strategies on how to achieve the exam results he did.

Private English Tutor Sydney Will Tandany

Will is currently studying at the University of Sydney in its International and Global Studies program. Don’t be surprised if you hear that he is coordinating a U.N mission, or running for political office one day – and any project would be better off Will’s intelligence and dedication. His exceptional results in modern history and extension history means that he can guide you through the more complicated ideas in Advanced English Module A and Module C, as well as Extension English. This is because all three subjects delve deeply into history, politics, and the ways in which they overlap.

Some of Will’s notable achievements include:

  • 97/100 for Advanced English
  • 49/50 for History Extension

With the HSC syllabus fresh in his mind, Will looks forward to sharing both exam strategies and the long-term benefits of studying literature. Here are his thoughts on the latter:

…more so today than at any point in history, the ability to critically analyse literary works or any form of media in general is vital to our education as moral citizens. In being able to identify an authors purpose and message through their compositional decisions, we can make better critical judgements on their ideas and therefore have better control over forming our own perspectives.
Further, we can better articulate our own ideas, certainly a powerful skill in a rapidly moving and interconnected world.

To see whether Will has any space to take on new students, leave your name along with a few other details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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