Private English Tutor Sydney: Yuanze

Yuanze Xu | Junior and Senior English Tutor | Private English HSC Tutor Sydney

Yuanze came on board as a private English tutor for Sleight of Pen while studying English literature at the University of Sydney, working primarily with HSC and preliminary HSC students. She is focused on pursuing excellence in her chosen field, and committed to helping students achieve their potential while enjoying all that the subject has to offer.


The lesson with Yuanze was really helpful! She was able to clarify any concepts I was confused about and provided me with extra information regarding the texts I am doing.

Cherie Li, Year 11 – St George Girls’ High School

I was struggling with understanding the key values and context of my texts but Yuanze’s engaging and in-depth explanations and questions helped me further develop my understanding. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with analysing texts, writing or improving marks in general.

Anthony Kroeger, Year 11- Parramatta Marist High School

Some of Yuanze’s notable achievements in the HSC include:

  • HSC English Advanced: 96/100 (Hornsby Girls High School)
  • University of Sydney Scholars Award
  • NSW Premier’s All-Round Excellence Award
  • High Achievement in the NSW Alliance-Francaise Challenge


More about Yuanze:

Before joining Sleight of Pen as an HSC English tutor, Yuanze was fortunate enough to have a dedicated and inspiring high school English teacher who brought to her attention the importance of both teaching, and of literary studies. Fluent in French, Yuanze is reading both English and French literature at the University of Sydney, and is hoping to share her knowledge by becoming a secondary school teacher after she graduates.

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